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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vermont 2012 Quilt Challenge

Happy New Year!  I'm finally back from my holiday and ready for some sewing!  Never mind those decorations that are all waiting for packing, it will get done.

Last June, while attending the Vermont Quilt Show I had dinner with Lori and Sue and Jill at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vt.

They brought me a FQ of pretty green fabric and invited me to a challenge.   I'm always up for a challenge!

Here is my finished project.  A skirted doll quilt.  I was inspired by a quilt at the New England Quilt Museum that had a chintz skirt.

It started with with a Fat Quarter of this fabric:

It was difficult to work with this medium print.  I ended up using pinks and greens to make the pieced quilt.  I didn't have a pattern for the skirt, so I just sort of winged it.

Here is the back.   I used every single inch of my challenge fabric piece. 

Here is Jill's top.   Lori has a the whole story about her quilt.  I'm so impressed that she saw a way to make a good size quilt.  Love those zig zags!

Here is Lori's quilt.  I love the pink binding and the little string piecing and it is hand quilted!  Read more here.

This is Sue's.  The medallion style is perfect for this fabric.  What a great idea to add our names to this one.  It looks like a beautiful antique quilt with beautiful quilting.  Click here to visit her blog.

The fabric was a real challenge, but being friends with these ladies couldn't be easier!

It is also fun to have a fancy quilt for my little doll bed.

I'm looking forward to a new year of sharing projects and ideas, hope you are too.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fun For Friday - lucy, doll quilts, and houses, oh my!

Happy Friday!  and it is a happy one.  During the nor'easter we only lost power for 12 hours, whew.  I am still keeping my NJ neighbors and friends in my thoughts and prayers!

I met a group of men at a local restaurant who are here from Oklahoma.  It was a pleasure to say Thank You to them in person.  It was hard to be out power, but it must be hard for them to be far from home and working in the cold.

On to some fun!!

We have had a lovely little house guest:  Lucy Rabbit

Here are a few photos of our visit. 

She has been on a world tour since June 2011.  You can see her full visit with us here at Lucy's World Trip.  You can also see where else she has traveled.

Two fun events are going in Bloglandia -

Taryn, of Repro Quilt Lover is hosting a fun on-line show of doll quilts.  I have a few posted including these:

More Fun at Beth's blog:  Love Laugh Quilt.  She is having her 3rd house party.  You can send her house blocks for a chance to win some to build your own neighborhood.  She is also collecting miscellaneous 12" charity blocks.  So nice!

Here are a couple of my favorite house quilts that I've made.

This one includes blocks from friends.

I made this one for the NQA show auction in 2010.

Thank you again to all my friends who have sent me such nice notes and checked in with me during this stormy time!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sweet Little Leftovers

Here is a little doll quilt that I recently made using leftovers in my sewing room.

 Here is a close up so you can see the quilting.

I was doodling some new ideas for machine quilting and came up with this:

I used a walking foot for the main lines of the fans.

Then I used my new weighted hoop for the free motion portions.  I really really like the hoop!

At first I forgot my teflon sliding sheet.  I have to say that the sheet is really needed.

Here is a link to Amazon where you can purchase the hoop and sliding sheet.

Here is a view of the backing.

I need help!  Over the weekend, I visited Susan in CT and we went to a local quilt show.  We both loved this folk art quilt by Harriet Powers.

There is a Pattern book for this quilt, but it is not available for purchase.  Does anyone have this booklet?  Would anyone be willing to lend it to me?  It looks like this:

I have my fingers double crossed!!  If you post this search request on your blog, I will send you a small thank you gift.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Doll Quilt Tryst

Did you ever just want to take a little break from your work a day quilting life?

Well, last week I did.  I made 3 little quilts.

This first doll quilt I'm calling "Butterscotch Beauty".  It's very simple, but I added the elegant urn fabric to make it more of what I call an "elevated doll quilt".

I machine quilted it in a one direction, double then single line pattern.

Here is the back - sorry for the weird shadow effect and the crooked hanging job.

This one is made from leftovers given me by my guild friend, Sally, who sat near me at the retreat last spring.  I admired her batik scraps and she gave them to me!

I am donating this to the guild for the mini-auction at our quilt show in November.

Here is a close of up the quilting.

I made this doodle in January of 2010 and I finally put it into a quilt.  I really love it and intend to use it more in the future on my more modern quilts.

Here I've practiced it on a scrap.

For the back I used this fun folk art print.

With the leftovers from this one, I made a little sister mini, which I intend to gift to a guild friend.  (hint)

I've grouped them around my feather weight, so you could get an idea of the size and scale of them.

I found this beautiful empty nest after the hurricane and feeling a kinship to it I brought it home and dried it out.  These birds made such a nice home which included a piece of balloon ribbon, cassette tape, and white bundling twine.

And lastly, poor coco.  She is having some major adjustment issues with the kids gone and me sewing so much.  I'm going to look into a doggie day care so she can spend time with her own kind once a week.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy.....

Good Morning!
This Autumn I've been using a doll quilt that I made my daughter for Christmas 2002.  I made it for her Kaya doll, an American Girl doll.  I really like the scrappiness combined with the solid background.  This is one of those doll quilts that would make a nice full sized quilt too.


Hooray, I finished my first mini-auction quilt.  I quilted it with silk thread.

The back.  Aren't these dancers joyful?

On Saturday, my guild had a member sew day.  It was great.  Susan made homemade pralines and we had salad and pizza and my chocolate cherry cake.  I spent about an hour on non-raffle quilt work to set a few of the 9-patches from Julie's recent swap.  I am going to use 3 different setting square fabrics.  This will eventually by our new "king sized" bed quilt; my first king.  Did I say eventually?

Raffle update.  Can you believe all the blocks are here and accounted for?  In only 1 month.  What a wonderful and speedy job these women did - bravo!   (This is not the final arrangement, just added them as I received them for counting purposes.)

These are the borders I designed.  Thanks to Susan, Pauline and Elizabeth we have them ready to add to the body of the quilt.

I need about one hundred 4 patches for the second border.  Thanks to the sew day, they are done.  Now to string them together.....

And finally, a little coco.  She is exhausted.  She has decided that dog beds, which I've purchased 2 of are not necessary when there are couches around.

In an effort to avoid the paparazzi she has turned away from me.  What a stinker!

Whew!  I've been busy.  And so have all my blog friends, I'm still catching up on my reading!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is my favorite time of year for many reasons, but this year I have something to be grinchy about.

I flew to Indiana last Friday to drive back home with my son for the holidays. We hit snow in Southeastern Pennsylvania and got snowed in. We pulled off Friday night and resumed our trip Sunday morning. While I am very grateful that we arrived home safe and sound, I was not grateful for the stomach bug that hit me Sunday night.

This is not eggnog and cookies, or wine and cookies, which is what I prefer to consume this time of year....

Okay, on to more cheery things; doll quilts!

Here is a quilt I made for Hanna featuring our 2 cats, Luna and Starbuck. Luna has 1 gold eye and one brown (damaged) eye, hence the different buttons.

the "cat back"
Here are 2 little log cabin quilts. The quilt on the right was a gift from my friend, Mary C. I like to use these under candles or tiny trees, etc.

This is a early doll quilt for Hanna. It's a four-patch variation.

I love this Christmas Paper Doll fabric on the back. I made her a pillowcase with this the same year.

This was wonderful gift from my friend, Jill. I still don't feel worthy of all the hand work that went into this one!~ I especially love it because I can use it all through the winter. Thanks again Jill!

And lastly, this is my Christmas Quilt of 2009 - Whooville. I was hoping to have it quilted, but with the snow, the flu bug, it's just not going to happen.

I was inspired with my new passion for selvages. The first 2 houses were free of them, then I realized that they could be used as Christmas lights. The composition was inspired by "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" with the central tree.

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Hope-filled Holidays and a Creative New Year!