Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

This week I finished my house quilt top - Domestic Bliss

This was a swap with Kelly, Susan and Robyn.  I first posted about it here.  What fun it was.  I am looking forward to quilting it soon.

I have a UFO from 2009 that I don't know what to do with.  Here is the post where it all started with the cupcake group.

Here is the Hat Box quilt:

Why am I not making this??  I have all the fabric in a tub and photos and still nadda, nuttin, zilch - for 6 years now!

I made these two blocks in 2009 and now I can't EVEN find them :(

I think I'm going to go through the fabric and shelve it and move on.....do you ever do this?

Speaking of moving on, I keep running across this in the sewing room.  It is my homemade stencil of the large baptist fan.  I think I can let go now that I have the real thing.

Thank you, Sheila for these super fun clothes pins.  Sparrows?  How fun are these?  Super Fun I think!  Thanks for thinking of me.

Saturday Susan and I are taking the train to NYC for the Empire Quilters Show.  Barbara Brackman is giving a lecture in the afternoon and I'm really looking forward to a quilty day in the Big Apple.

I guess that's it for now - Hope you are having a great week.

Friday, March 20, 2015

FFF - March - Supporting the Arts

Happy Friday!  Here's my Fun For Friday For March.

In Key West, FL I saw:

A painters stand on the beach

A street artist.  He made everything out of paper.  For $1.00 I got to see him turn the TV on and move his slice of paper pizza.

Chewbacca - just chillin' (ha ha in a fur costume) and having a drink from a sippy cup.

A fun bar where patrons sign dollar bills and tack them up.  How cool that no one takes them - hooray for fun people in Key West.  Nearly every bar has live music doing covers of Jimmy Buffet and Beach Boys :)

We visited Ernest's Home and the 6 toed Cats. Where I got this awesome pressed penny.  Is this art?  I think so.

Art I bought to take home:  A Christmas Ornament with real shells.

A sweet wren house I bought from the artist on the street.  I plan to hang this soon, maybe after the snow storm expected for today -

While missing coco on the cruise, I got this cute towel of a dog :)

My son, Andrew gave my husband (the coffee king) a Dunkin' gift card.  Can you believe his generosity!?!

Happy Spring - if you are lucky enough to be having one already!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Tuesday

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

AQS had a great show in Lancaster.  I think it is the highest quality of quilts on display so far.  They don't allow photos to be shared on social media but click the image below to see the winners.

I was one of the many non winners at show and proud to be among them I can tell you!  There were so many stunning traditional quilts and some incredible art quilts too.

My friend Betsy took this silly photo of me at the end of the day.  My favorite part?  Jumping the white chain to get near my quilt.   What can they do?  It's mine, lol.

I've been working on my workshop samples for my Hex Vex class next month in NJ.  Here are a few:
I forgot how fun these are to make.

On a previous post a few readers (who were non-reply) asked about what I call my baby head fabric.  Jill and I bought it in several different colors because we just loved it.   I've had it for years and I'm not sure if you can still get it.
 Here is the selvage with the information.

I saw a new bird!  I have a very casual life list going and I had to look this fellow up in my field guide.

He is a Pine Siskin. In this last photo he was on to me and flew away.  Thanks for having lunch at my house Mr. Striped Handsomeness.

And this one is for Mary who always asks about coco.  She has weathered her week at dog camp (I call it dog jail) very well.  Too well, in fact.   After picking her up, she was 'over us' within the hour.

I wish she could learn to take it easy!  Have a great St. Patrick's Day.  Don't drink to much Green Beer :)

And finally thank you to everyone on FaceBook and Instagram that have sent me such nice comments on my Jubilee Quilt.  Your opinions mean more to me than any judges every would.  xo

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Setting Sail Searching Sunnier Scenery

I know it is cliché to say "I really needed to get away....."  but it was never more true than this year.

Rich and I escaped the winter of 2015 for a week long cruise in the Caribbean aboard the MS Nieuw Amsterdam of Holland America.

But before we left, I worked up this little quilt as a Birthday gift for my friend, Diane of Persnickety Quilts.  We have been quilt friends for almost 20 years.  She sent me this block, which she appliquéd for my birthday a few years ago.

I machine quilted it with silk thread in the traditional echo style of Hawaiian quilting.  I almost went with a plum binding, but decided to stick with the perfect color theory combination of green with the red and cheddar.

I sued this wonderful New York themed fabric for the backing.  I hope Diane will forgive my free motion quilting.  I just don't practice enough!

On to the getaway.  Here we are docked in Key West.  It was such a fun port to visit.
While away I did a lot of this....
 Quite a bit of this...

A little bit of this....I'm basting here in the cabin so I can stitch on a lounge chair.
 A few rounds of this....
 And nightly dining with Herman and Harris who spoiled us at table 84.
And all too soon scenes like this were replaced
with scenes like this.

Fortunately I have a couple of wonderful things to look forward to:

I'll be a the AQS Show in Lancaster on Friday.  Say Hi if you see me and visit my Jubilee quilt.

I also learned before leaving that my Jubilee Quilt has been accepted to AQS QuiltWeek in Paducah in April and I've already made plans to go!  I'm so excited and thrilled.

I hope you have all had a great week too.  I'll share more travel photos soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


That's my new attitude about the winter of 2015.   It is all you hear on the news and I'm over it.  Spring will come.

Speaking of house bound...I had a little house swap with (in order by rows) Robyn, me, Susan and Kelly.  We swapped 4 houses and here is our little neighborhood.
Aren't they terrific?  I've picked out some really fun fabrics to set them with.  Maybe it will be a spring project.

I finished sewing the center of the modern 9-patch blocks together.  What is that blue polar bear doing??  Stay tuned.

Wee!  I was the luck jewelry giveaway winner on Julie's Blog.   The pin is so beautiful I hopped right on her website to order some for gift giving.  Thanks Julie.

I jumped in on the Stars in a Time Warp quilt along.  Here is my first block:  Turkey Red.  I'm making 4" blocks, one per week following the color study that Barbara is posting.

Old dogs can be taught new tricks.  Instead having to reinvent it every week,  I've made myself a little worksheet.  It's a quilting miracle.

Here are the first six weeks~ It's not too late to jump in!!

I'll be sharing these on Instagram (#starsinatimewarp).  I have just joined and I'm  not sure how to find ya'll.  My account is Funwithbarb, so you can search for me or hit the button on my side bar.  I'll keep the content different from the blog.

I've added these two finished Alice Payne blocks to my grid.  Thanks again, Aunt Reen, you are the queen of quilt block grids.

I'll finish with this sweet photo.  I saw this outside the sewing room window while sitting at the machine.  At first I thought it was a wasps nest.  I grabbed my camera to zoom in and found these sweet Mourning Doves sleeping in the sun on a VERY cold day.    Such a sweet couple.

That's all for now.  Have a great Day!

Friday, February 20, 2015

FFFF - February Fun For Friday

Happy Friday!

My miscellaneous "fun" file is overflowing so here is a bunch of very random stuff for February.

I received this Edger Allan Poe mug for Christmas.  Thank you, Margaret, I love it.

What a FUN surprise on the bottom.  I wonder how many have noticed it.....

I got a great Johnny Cash T-shirt on sale.  Check out this little label.
 No purpose, just free cuteness.   Thanks Lucky.  I really get you.
What to do with it?  When in doubt, it goes into the thread shelf with other weird trinkets and toys I've picked up.
Couldn't pass up trying these.  I give them a thumbs up.
New from Pillsbury.   From the mall, to the airport to a grocery store near you.
Thanks, Mary, for these wonderful socks~  I love your graphic gift tape too!
I received a hostess gift  (and I didn't even hostess last weekend).   Thanks Kayte, these place mats are perfect for Buck Hill Road.

A guild friend asked me to share her Custom Fashions for the American Girl and other 18" dolls.   Pat's kits come with pre-printed panels, notions and instructions to make these special custom designed outfits.  To see all the designs visit her  Etsy Store and Facebook  page.   Pat has developed very unique and creative designs for all seasons and occasions.

I received this lovely surprise pin cushion from Mary Beth.  We became friends through Jill.  Thanks you MB I'll treasure this!  I love the ribbon detail.
And for those in the coco fan club - here's my baby sitting in the snow.  I suppose she is wondering what happened to all the soft green grass.

Happy Friday!  Have a fun weekend~